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 English Poetry 
Black Rose

Rich and pure is your beauty, your heart unfolds
blooming like a rose. Filled with the light of darkness

it warms my soul; penetrating every part of my body
spreading its light of joy throughout

Uncontrollable emotions surge inside of me
rising and falling like notes on a music scale

Like waves crashing against the ocean shore
you took my breath away

Dear to my heart, your sweet aroma surrounds me
As my every sense lifts, I close my eyes, savoring in your beauty

Til the day of your darkness, I have you, my bud
Hung to my heart, rare as you are, my

I Don't Miss You

You Are Thousand Mile Away From Me Neither Can I Touch

Nor Can I See. But I Don't Miss You, Do U Know Why?

Because I Can See You With My Heart Eyes When I Close My Eyes

I Can Feel U What Cannot Fulfill My Dreams Is Always You

You Are There With Me For The Whole Night And

When I Open My Eyes I Find U By My Side

Whenever I Weep Your Hands Wipe Away

My Tears Whenever I Feel Insecure Its Ur Lap In Which

I Lay That's Where I Wish To Live Forever And Even Die You Often Whispers In My Ears Though We R Very Far, Yet Feel Very Near

I Don't Know Whether Its Love Or Not But It Is Some Emotions From The Depth Of My Heart We Are Close To Each Other

Best Friends

Best Friends Over The Years

You've Always Been There

You've Helped Me

When No One Else Cared Over The Years

You've Always Been There

You've Helped Me When No One Else Cared

Through All The Things That Have Gone Wrong

Our Friendship Has Grown Ever So Strong

You've Always Cared Through All The Tears

And All The Laughter Throughout The Years

We've Been Through Good Times And 

We've Been Through Sad

But We Got Through It No Matter How Bad

You Gave Me Hope When I Thought There Was None

We've Stayed Friends And Had Lots Of Fun

If I Could Go Back And Live My Life Again

Some Things Might Change

But You'd Always Be My Best Friend

Only For You

ONLY FOR YOU song from nightingale; of my love is inferable

silent from night; i cast from height

only for you color from butterfly; on nature which really

first light from sun; i keep hide from everyone

only for you innocence from fish; praise able so rich

romance from sky; i embellish in my eyes

only for you my sweet heart

only for you

A Broken Heart

A Broken Heart Standing in the Rain

your on the verge of going crazy

and your hearts in pain

No one can heat you

though your screaming so loud

You feel all alone, in a faceless crowd

Sitting on the side, waiting for a sign

hoping that your luck will change

Reaching for a hand, that can understand

someone who feels the same

A broken heart

Silent Tears

A thunderous silence
breaks through my thoughts.
What was once many great ideas
is now a triumph, lost.

Baffling words tumble through my mind.
Reflections of darkness hover.
A disturbing peacefulness beckons to me,
and inside myself, I take cover.

What would it be like to stay there forever?
To be lost in all my cares?
From the inside, looking out
I cry silent tears.

Voice Of Heart

Love is the voice of heart,
it can never be broken but sometime

it hurt very badly when the love is too far from us
but it is not far from heart it is not far from eyes

every night it comes in dream the person can't
explain the feelings when the person fall in love

it's a dangerous thing when the two person meet together
 they want to explain their feelings to each other 

but they can't they want to say something
 but they can't they want to listen something

but they can't only
they can do one thing
passing smile this is all about "Love".

With These Eyes

With these eyes, I see thee,
With these hands, I feel thee,
With these looks, I give thee,
With these pictures, I save thee.
With these lips, I kiss thee,
With these fingers, I touch thee,
With these words, I speak to thee,
With these ears, I hear thee.
With these feet, I walk to thee,
With these feelings, I show thee,
With these conversations, I know thee,
With these tears, I miss thee.
With these vows, I promise thee,
With these holds, I love thee,
With these emotions, I long for thee,
With these dreams, I tell thee.
 With these memories, I keep.

Bad Timing

We have guts and time,
But no means or wisdom!

Middle Aged-
We have guts and means,
But no time or wisdom!

We have means, wisdom and time,
But no guts!

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